Are You Serious About Growing Your Aesthetic Practice?

Unfortunately, your clinical expertise alone just isn't enough. If you want to thrive in this very competitive marketplace, then your ability to find and keep plenty of your ideal patients is essential. 

If you're determined to grow your practice, and you're willing to put in the work and do what is required - you're in the right place.

My online training programme, The 6D Patient Attraction System, teaches you everything you need to generate a steady stream of new patients, avoid peaks and troughs in bookings and maximise patient retention.

For over a decade, I have been helping highly skilled aesthetic practitioners and clinic owners, like you, succeed in private practice. I have now packaged my experience into The 6D Patient Attraction System; a training programme that you can access directly from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Here's what you will stand to gain:

  • You will master the 6 golden principles of effective marketing and patient retention.
  • You will improve your understanding of what influences people to buy into your services, and how to craft marketing messages that truly represent you and your brand.
  • You will learn how to generate a continuing demand for the treatments you provide, avoiding peaks and troughs in bookings.
  • You will enhance your ability to out-smart your competitors without compromising your values and prices.
  • You will discover the secrets of how to use social media to retain and grow your patient base.
  • You will save time, energy and money by identifying and eliminating any marketing activities and services that are clearly not working for you.
  • You will improve your understanding of how to get the very best results from your own in-house marketing efforts. 
  • You will greatly reduce the risk of losing patients, profits and sleep in the months ahead and save yourself from the pain and frustration of learning everything the hard way. 


You have at your disposal, everything you need to grow a highly profitable aesthetic practice. I sincerely hope you'll take full advantage of it.

Best Wishes

Pam Underdown

CEO: Aesthetic Business Transformations


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